$0.25 Raspberries At Meijer

$0.25 Raspberries At Meijer


Now this isn’t a deal everyone can do today.  There are several factors involved.  One, your store needs to sell Driscolls Raspberries and have them in stock when you shop.  Second, you need to have been taking surveys on the Driscolls Panel website to get the $0.25 coupons.  Sign up to take surveys- enter the 16 digit code off the bottom of every pack of Driscolls berries.  You will start off with $0.50 coupons, which you can print two times per survey.  The more surveys you take, the better the coupon.  You cap out at $1.00 coupons, and every January you start back at $0.50.  When berries are $1.00 or less you can get them for FREE!!!!  Visit Driscollspanel.com to sign up!

Buy 1 pack Driscolls raspberries $1.25

Use $0.50/1, $0.75/1, or $1/1 from Driscollspanel.com

Final cost $0.25

**Sometimes the link won’t work, but if you manually type in driscolls panel dot com you should be fine