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Six years ago I turned to coupons as a way to help my family save money with groceries.  Now I want to help others do the same.  If you want to shop at Meijer, this page can show you how to utilize coupons, mPerks and rewards to get low-cost and even free groceries.

Meijer Coupon Deals will do its best to provide accurate deals and matchups.  There may be a time where an incorrect deal is accidentally posted.  Please verify all coupons to be correct, and double check deals at the store as well.

**This website is NOT affiliated with Meijer in any way


Email:  meijercoupondeals@yahoo.com


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  1. I just did the get $5 onyo when you spend $20 on Scott bath tissues and didn’t get my $5 cat coupon who do I get this fixed with

  2. I sent some coupons from my cell to my email to print later, just tried to print them, nothing printed and now it’s telling me my limit has been reached on them. :-/

  3. Hi I signed up toe receive your alerts and posts but I only seem to get one or two per week. What can I do to get all posts? Thanks!

    • I am in the process of getting a better system in place. For now, I would check the blog every day, and join our Facebook group! The group is crazy active and you can see our deals, plus all 55,000 member deals as well!

  4. Hi there,

    I’m new to the Midwest and to shopping at Meijer, but I’m not new to couponing. I really love Meijer, but there is one frustrating thing that keeps happening to me there and I was wondering if there is a way around it. When I try to combine a BOGO sale w/ an mPerk coupon, it always deducts the free item and the price minus the coupon. For example, I bought Sara Lee turkey yesterday at bogo $3.69 and had clipped a $1.00/1 mPerk. I would expect it to ring up like this:
    total $2.69 for two items.

    Instead it made the free item only $2.69, making my total $3.69. So, what’s the point of using the mPerk at all if it just reduces the free item?

    Thanks for your site!

    • I don’t know why their system is set up like that. It makes no sense, is a waste of an mPerk, and honestly just frustrates folks, including myself. When that happens I usually try to explain to a cashier, and if that fails, I call the mPerks hotline. The mPerks hotline is 1877-e-meijer. I would give them a call- let me know what happens! Thanks for following!

      • Thanks Debra! I went ahead and called to give them some feedback and the suggestion. They were very kind and credited my account for the lost coupons. He says it’s not the first time he’s taken a similar call and isn’t sure why it’s set up like that. I’m guessing there must be a programming difficulty for them.
        You mentioned that you try and explain to a cashier. Have you had luck with them manually giving you the proper discount? I’ve never tried that and have often thought of going to customer service, but I haven’t yet. I’m hoping they will find a way to change their system!

        • I’m glad they were able to help you!!! Try and find a few cashier friends who you can look for each time you shop. They can get to know you, know you’re a couponer, and help you when you shop. I usually introduce myself and share a few deals with them. That really seems to break the ice!!

  5. instead of signing in with my phone number it made me sign in with my email and password- it will not accept my email address since it is already in the system and asked me for another. Perhaps my password doesnt match it – can you set it up for me to change my password? (since it won’t accept either) I’d like to continue mperks but it won’t let me. HELP!

    • If you have multiple mPerks accounts you must use a separate email address. Am I understanding you correctly??? You can also call 1877-emeijer and they can help you access your account. Let us know if you still need help 🙂

  6. Is there any way to see when the coupons expire before I print them out? Like on coupons.com. I don’t want to print them if the expire soon.

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