Buying Coupon Inserts

Buying Coupon Inserts


Looking to buy coupon inserts?  Look no further!  Feel free to contact any of the trusted sellers listed below.  Meijer Coupon Deals is not responsible for missing inserts or trouble with a seller.


Jennifer Verdin sells inserts from California.  She often has coupons that the Midwest region does not have.  She also sells Spanish inserts.  Coupons are mailed out Friday/Saturday each week and should arrive by Tuesday.

To email Jennifer with any questions please contact her at

Or you can reach her on Lucky Cat Coupons or her Facebook page


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Sunday Coupon Inserts is another trusted site to order inserts from.  Be sure to tell them you found them through Meijer Coupon Deals!


If you are interested in selling your inserts through Meijer Coupon Deals, please contact me at