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What is a catalina?  A catalina is a coupon that prints when you checkout.  Check this list often for any catalina offers that are running.  If you come across a catalina coupon, please comment on this post, email me, or post in the Facebook group.

If you know of a catalina offer that is good and you don’t receive it at checkout you have a few options.  You can go to the service desk at your store.  Usually the tag by the item will list the catalina so you can direct them to the shelf to see for themselves.  You also have the option of calling Catalina Marketing at 1-888-8coupon or emailing them at Their website is another way to address an issue.

‘Rolling a catalina’ is where you take a catalina earned from one purchase and use it to buy the same items on the next purchase, and still generate ANOTHER catalina.  For example, buy 3 items, get a $2 catalina in transaction #1.  Now buy those 3 times again in transaction #2, but use the $2 you earned to pay for it.  Lower your cost, and STILL earn another $2 catalina.

These totals are BEFORE coupons.  You may use manufacturer coupons and still get a catalina.

National catalinas will ‘roll’.  Meijer store catalinas (blue) will not.



Axe, Dove, or Degree Deodorant 2.6-3.8oz

Valid 6/18-7/19

Buy 3+, get $3.00 OYNO

Cutex Care Product

Valid 6/12-8/6

Buy 1, get $1.00 OYNO

Buy 2+, get $3.00 OYNO

Enjoy Life Food Items

Valid 6/26-8/6

Buy 2, get $1.00 OYNO

Buy 3, get $2.00 OYNO

Buy 4+, get $3.00 OYNO

Huggies Diapers, Wipes, Pull-ups, or Goodnights

Valid 6/11-7/9

Spend $25.00, get $5.00 OYNO

Spend $30.00, get $7.00 OYNO

Spend $40.00+, get $10.00 OYNO


Meijer Coffee, Tea, Tea Bags

Valid 6/4-7/1

Buy $7.00, get $1.50 OYNO (next coffee/tea purchase)

Buy $10.00, get $3.00 OYNO (next coffee/tea purchase)








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  1. I did the 2 cs pampers and get $10 oynp and I addressed it to the desk, they said since I used coupons I would not get the Catalina?!

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