Frequently Asked Questions

How many coupons can I use per visit?
You can use one coupon per item if the coupon is something like $1.00/1.  If the coupon is something like $1.00/2 then you can only use ONE coupon for every TWO you buy.   $1.00/4 means you would have to buy 4 of that item to be able to use the coupon. Meijer does not have a coupon limit, so you may use however many you like per visit (unless the coupon says “limit 2” or “4 like coupons”, etc).  We do suggest, however, to be courteous and not use large amounts of one coupon.  That often results in shelf clearing, which can upset other shoppers.

What does “like” coupons mean?

“Like” coupons are coupons that are the same.  If you printed 2 of a coupon, then you have “2 like” coupons.  If you bought 5 newspapers then you have “5 like” coupons.  If a coupon specifies “limit 2”, or “2 like” coupons allowed, then you are not allowed to use 3 of those coupons in that transaction.  Even though Meijer takes an unlimited amount, the verbiage on the coupon trumps store policy.  Most Red Plum coupons are “like 2”, and most P&G coupons are “like 4”.

Does Meijer accept competitors coupons?
Meijer accepts competitor store coupons as long as several guidelines are followed:

A  store card must not be needed to use the coupon

The coupon can not be for a free item (ex: a buy one get one free)

It may not be a final cost coupon (ex: buy a 2-liter for $0.79)

It can not be for a % off

It can not be for a total basket (ex: $10/$40 purchase, $1 off $5 in produce)

The coupon must be from a mass merchandiser competitor (Target, CVS, etc.  You may not use discount stores like Family Dollar or hardware stores like Lowes.)


Can I use a coupon on a free item?
No.  The coupon can not exceed the price of the item.  Meijer frequently offers buy one get one free sales.  If you have a $0.50/1 coupon, you can only use ONE coupon for every TWO you buy.  If the coupon is $0.50/2 you would need to buy FOUR items.

What do I need to know about starting to coupon at Meijer?
Start an Mperks account by visiting Meijer’s Webpage
Follow the blog at http://meijercoupondeals.com
Print the coupon policy


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