FREE Hot Wheels Car With Daily Deals

FREE Hot Wheels Car With Daily Deals

December 1 only

Between December 1 and December 24 check your mPerks account daily for a hot deal!  Today’s hot deal is 1 free Hot Wheels Diecast car (regular price $0.99).  These will make great stocking stuffers.  If you don’t need one, you can always donate it to a toy drive.

Heads up from last year’s free Hot Wheels promotion- there were two kinds of packaging.  One was a taller package, and one was shorter (both $0.99).  The shorter package came off with no issues.  The taller package required a cashier to manually push it thru.  I don’t know if that will be the case this year, but want to give you a heads up!

No need to enter a code.  Just go to your mPerks account and it will be there- just make sure you clip it!

This mPerk expires 12/1!!!  Must be redeemed 12/1!  One per account!

Hot Wheels Car $0.99

Use FREE Hot Wheels mPerk

Final cost FREE