FREE Meijer Halloween Soap

FREE Meijer Halloween Soap

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So this is an awesome and festive deal!  Free Meijer Halloween soap!  There are two mPerks for soap, and they both will ‘stack’ (automatically come off) and your final cost is $0.00!!  Go to your mPerks account and type ‘Soap’ in the search bar.  One mPerk was near the top of the list and one was at the bottom.

Buy 1 Meijer Halloween Hand Soap $1.38

Use 25% off Meijer Liquid Hand Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers, and Razors mPerk

Use $1.00/1 Meijer Liquid Halloween Soap mPerk

Final cost FREE!

**I had no trouble whatsoever with the mPerks.  They came right off at self checkout.  One per account.


2 thoughts on “FREE Meijer Halloween Soap

  1. I was not able to find it in Algonquin location ( hand soap aisle and halloween aisle). Where did you find these?

    • I found my soap near the toy department by the Holiday section. There was a stand in the middle of the aisle with all of the holiday soaps. It was right next to the Halloween shirts and onesies as well.

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