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Testimonials About Meijer Coupon Deals

Thank you to everyone who has written such kind words about Meijer Coupon Deals.  If you would like to submit a paragraph, please let us know!


Thank you for all you do for all of us in the group! It’s hard work to get it all matched up and organized for us to read and you do an amazing job! You have saved me thousands since I started couponing again! I took a break because of the stress at the stores and troubles I’ve encountered let alone not knowing you back then but I’m 110% back into it and I couldn’t do it without your hard work! You are a blessing to everyone! You truly are!

–Melissa G

I’ve been couponing for years now, however, within just one week of following MCD I was able to save over $40 dollars through the shared deals and great finds in the store. That $40 saved didn’t even include coupons. So if couponing isn’t really your thing MCD can still help you save money! The MCD community is kind, encouraging, understanding (of a passion for couponing), and so very helpful! The links to coupons and break down of deals makes saving money easy! I’m so happy I found this site and group. Thanks for all you do!

–Caitlin S

Hello. My name is Phebe & I would like to share my experience with this group and thank everyone involved. In August I met a woman at a garage sale. She noticed I was clipping coupons and we stumbled into a conversation…. by the end of it, I had joined Mperks (got a free advil on my first day!), requested to join this FB site, & was directed to the best money-saving website EVER! This website (yours) has it all – links to the printable, pictures of the deals, breakdowns…. makes coupon’ing easy. This site is generous to the information out there & readily gives advise and scenarios of breakdowns. Since August, I have been able to REDUCE my monthly grocery budget by $100 (from $500 monthly to 400 monthly) while at the same time INCREASING my over-all food purchases. Most weeks, I have extra money even! I now have a stock-pile, am able to shop the sales only, and my savings most trips are 30-50%! Coupon’ing on my own, I was never able to see those results. This group has saved me HUNDREDS in my acutal budget saving me THOUSANDS on items with specials, coupons, mperks, & apps. It has changed how I shop, plan & budget. It’s NOT just food on sale – this group has showed me ways to save on home stuff, clothes, auto…the whole nine yards! Honestly, I am so thankful for this group…. I can’t say thanks enough… to some people it’s fun and a challenge to get the deals. To me, a single mom of 2, that needs my money to stretch…this group has made the difference & helped that happen!!!  You really are changing people’s lives!!! You should know that!! I can afford Christmas gifts this year thanks to you!! No joke!!!! This site helps me plan & budget – it TAUGHT me how to do that… it means a lot to me, so thanks!!!!!!

–Phebe T.

A few years ago I stopped shopping at meijers when they did away with doubling coupons and I was convinced that Walmart was the cheapest place to shop. I had seen that one of my friends joined this group so I decided to give it a chance. Since joining, this group has totally changed my perspective about meijers. I have learned so much on how to stretch what little money I do have between reading the weekly match ups, seeing everybody’s hauls and using rebate apps. I am so glad to have joined this group and am truly grateful for all the time that Debra and her admins put into this group. My family and friends are always in awe when they see how much stuff I have and realize that I paid very little for it (and sometimes I get it for free or make money from the transaction). Meijers is now the place I shop the most and it would not be if it wasn’t for this group. My wallet, budget and family are very grateful for everything you do!

–Kelly W

I love Meijer Coupon Deals. I could never figure out all these great deals on my own. With this group I don’t have too. I check for new deals everyday and go get them. I have learned a lot about couponing and they are great at answering questions.

–Chastity R

Since I’ve joined meijer coupon deals I have noticed my pantries are fuller and I even have a stock pile of items!!! On top of that reviewing the savings tracker I’m saving an additional $200-300. No joking! It’s actually become a new hobby and keeping me busy as a stay at home mom! I’m so glad I’ve found this group! Debra and admin team do a great job with match ups and deals!

–Amy BH

The Meijers group has made me aware of many sales, coupons and new perks and how to put them together. It allows you to see all items even though you personally may not be interested in but someone you know might be. This group has allowed me to save more money and to want to cook more at home. Thank you for all you do

–Cathy R