Meijer Rewards

Meijer Rewards

If you haven’t started using Meijer Rewards, you are missing out!!

Each account has different rewards available.  Not all accounts will have the same rewards.

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Things to keep in mind:

*You have 4 weeks to earn the reward.  (Unless otherwise noted)

*Rewards start automatically with a qualifying purchase

*You need to use your Mperks number at checkout.

* If you forget to use your Mperks number at checkout, there is a way to input the information from your receipt online. Go to ‘rewards’ and click the ‘i’ button.  Then you can enter receipt information.

*Your rewards will post within 2-24 hours after your purchase

*Your rewards value is on the sale price of the items, BEFORE COUPONS.

*If you have a Total Purchase Reward and say a Meat Reward, and you purchase $15 in meat, you will get $15 towards BOTH rewards.

*There is no guarantee you will have a Total Purchase category

*Rewards earned will ‘auto-clip’ and you can choose if you want to use them at checkout (on your next purchase after they’re earned)

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Meijer now offers brand rewards such as Tide, Yoplait, Special K, etc.  These rewards can be earned up to 10 times over the time period.  Your totals will roll, meaning if you spend $16 on a $15 reward you will earn the reward AND have $1 towards the next reward.  Only brand rewards will roll.

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An incomplete reward will look like this.  Good news is you can start new ones!!!  If you don’t hit a total, sometimes the next reward will offer a lower total.

Once a reward is finished there is no guarantee you will get the same/similar reward again.  You can get a total basket reward one month and not the next.  I haven’t had a pet reward in at least a year!!!

Redeeming Rewards:

*Once you have purchased the amount needed, your reward will automatically be clipped for you..  It will go in with your clipped coupons and then will prompt you at check out to ask if you want to use it.

*You can stack using your rewards and continue working on other rewards. Example: If you have $15 in earned rewards, and you purchase $15 in meat (using your rewards to pay for it) you will still get $15 credit towards your Meat Reward and Total Purchase if you have them clipped.

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Returning items purchased with rewards:

If you bought an item with rewards and plan on returning it for a refund, Meijer will prorate the amount and you will lose part/all of your rewards.  I suggest using rewards on items you most likely won’t return (such as food).  Use those rewards in a separate purchase.

Pharmacy Rewards:

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When you get 5 prescriptions filled (even free ones) you get your choice of reward.  You can get $10 off your next shopping trip, 10% off your total Grocery/Health & Beauty purchase, or $0.50 off your gallon gas price.  If you save up to 10 or 15 prescriptions, you can get up to 3 credits.

Meijer also occasionally prints out $20 pharmacy coupons at checkout or you can find them in your mPerks.  Just bring in a new or transferred prescription and hand the pharmacist the coupon.  A coupon will print out for use to use on your next purchase.

Rewards are a great way to save money off of a future trip.  Some people use them on just a ‘regular trip’.  Other folks save them up (watch dates) and use them for a large purchase or upcoming party.  However you use them is up to you!!!

Any questions on Meijer Rewards?  Call their information line:

1877 e-meijer


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