Rebate Apps

Rebate Apps


Using coupons to buy groceries is a fantastic way to save money.  Here are a few ways that you can earn money back on items you buy anyways.  These are free apps that offer rebates.  Purchase items in the app, upload your receipt, and get money put into your account.  When you hit a minimum required, you can cash out- direct deposit, a check, PayPal, or even gift cards.  There are many more apps to download, but the ones below are my favorite.  The photo above is a sample of rebates I got from one app and one shopping trip!


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.24.21 PM

Ibotta is an app that offers grocery, alcohol, clothing, electronics, online, and other rebates.  The grocery rebates are fantastic because they offer many generic item rebates.  For example, buy strawberries (any brand) and get a $0.20 rebate.  Many of the items are for produce (who says you have to buy junk with coupons?)  They also offer bonuses.  Spend a required amount in a given month and earn an extra $1 (or two or three).  There are multiple bonus levels each month.  For bonuses, you are also required to hit a team bonus.  By being friends with Ibotta users on Facebook, they are automatically on your team.  Just click the rebate you want, watch the short video (or answer the question to unlock), and click redeem.  Scan the barcode of the item you purchased (or just tap for produce), and click ‘next’.  Then you will be asked to take photos of your receipt.  Within a few hours you should get a notice that your receipt was approved.  Click here to join!


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Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta.  Upload a receipt and get money deposited into your account.  You need a minimum of $20 to cash out from this app.  They always have a ‘choose your own’ rebate- pick one of five produce items each week.  The offers are valid each Thursday-Wednesday.  Make sure to upload your receipt by Wednesday night to earn credit.  On Thursday the offers reload and new offers are added.  They offer bonuses on occasion and sometimes offer multiple offers for the same item. Go to your App Store and search for Checkout 51.  Some rebates are for specific locations, and others do not allow coupons.  Please read all rebate offers carefully.  To sign up for Checkout 51 click here


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SavingStar offers a 20% healthy item rebate every Tuesday.  On occasion they also offer a 100% rebate on an item as well.  (In the past they have included candy bars, taco seasoning, Sparkling Ice Drinks, etc.).  Many of their rebates are for General Mills items such as cereal, Yoplait, and granola bars.  If the rebate says “one or many”, that means you can use multiple receipts to earn the rebate.  If it’s a $5 off $25, you can have a $5 receipt, a $10, receipt and a $15 receipt to hit your $25.  To join SavingStar, click here.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a new app where you can earn rewards from buying products like Kraft, Doritos, Quaker, Aquafina, and more!

Use code P2URU to sign up!  Use this link to get you there!


Dial Rewards

Dial Rewards are new.  Earn points by watching videos and taking surveys, and then use your points to enter gift card giveaways.  Sounds easy to me!  Click here to sign up!


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Earn points just for walking into stores with your Shopkicks app.  Earn more points for scanning items on that store’s list. Turn your points into gift cards!!!

Meijer is on the list- get points every time you walk through the door.  To join Shopkicks click here


Achievement is an app that rewards you for being healthy!!!  The more you walk (and sleep) the more points you earn.  For every 10,000 points you earn you get $10.00!!  Connect apps/trackers like your Fitbit and earn points automatically every day!!  Click here to sign up for Achievement!

Receipt Hog

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Upload receipts and earn coins based on how much you spent on each transaction.  When you have earned enough coins you can earn spins on Hog Slots (slot machine) to earn more coins.  When you have earned enough coins, you can cash out and earn gift cards .  Visit Receipt Hog or the app store to sign up and use referral code FRIZ5151 to get started.


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MobiSave works just like Ibotta.  You must select the offers you want BEFORE you go to the store.  You can’t try to redeem offers later and try to add rebates.  A great thing about this app is that you can get paid with ANY amount.  You don’t need to hit a minimum to get your earned money.  Use code QAWXGYPK to get started.



Bevrage launched just recently.  If you love alcohol, check this app out.  Use code OCVEZYQG when you sign up!

Mile Up


Mile is a new app where you can earn points based on your driving.  Earn points to enter sweepstakes!!    Use this link to sign up!!

Find & Save

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Find & Save is a relatively new app.  Many of the rebates are a %, such as 1% back at Meijer when you spend $5.  They have tons of rebates, for a variety of stores.  When a rebate says $100, it must be in ONE transaction.  You can cash out when you hit $25. To Join Find & Save click here.  Use referral code 6GVJ when you sign up.

Receipt Pal

I have not signed up for Receipt Pal…yet.  Let us know what you think of it in the comments!