Weekly Meal Deals With The Meijer Ad #29

Weekly Meal Deals With The Meijer Ad #29

Sunday market May 21-27

Thursday market May 25-31

Do you have trouble planning your weekly menus?  Are you making what feels like the same meals every week?  Never fear!  We are here to help!  Each week (hopefully), we will have a great meal plan ready to go for you.

A few things to keep in mind:

Prices are based on the Sunday market sales ad

Meals are planned for a family of four- if your family is full of big eaters, you may need to buy extra

You can always adjust if you don’t like something we have planned

We are planning 5 dinners- for the last two days try using leftovers on one day, and maybe eating out on the last day.  Also, life happens, and you don’t always get to every meal.  Planning 5 meals works perfectly for my family.

Most likely, you will have some of these items in your stockpile already, so you will save even more!  This is a “from-scratch” list.

Your total for 5 fabulous meals is $26.86

Things you need to buy:

1 pack chicken legs approx. $3.48

2 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce $0.88

–Use $1/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s from SS 5/21

4 ears of corn $0.50

5 roma tomatoes $0.32 each

–Submit for $0.30/1 Allrecipes tomato rebate

2 cucumber $0.69 each

1 bottle Kraft Italian Dressing $1.49

1 giant chicken breast approx $2.48

2 green peppers $1.00

–Use two $1/1 Sunset pepper printables (my store almost always has this brand)

–Submit for $0.20/1 Allrecipes pepper rebate

1 giant white onion approx. $1.50

Meijer Deluxe Mac N Cheese $1.79

1 pack strawberries $1.50

1 Creamette Pasta $1.00

–Use $1/1 Creamette printable

1 Meijer Spaghetti Sauce $1.49

Iceberg lettuce $0.99

1 bag carrots $0.89

1 box Jiffy Buttermilk Biscuits $0.79

1 Old El Paso Taco Shells $1.00

1 Old El Paso Refried Beans $1.00

1 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $0.85

–Use $1/3 Old El Paso printable

1 lb roll ground beef $3.19

1 bunch cilantro $0.79

2 cans Bush’s Black Beans $1.00

–Use $1/2 Bush’s Beans from SS 4/30 or SS 5/14

–Submit for $1/2 Bush’s Checkout51 rebate

2 Herdez Caesara Salsa 7 oz $0.79

Items To Have On Hand:

Egg (for biscuits)

Milk (for biscuits)

Salad Dressing

Taco Sauce



Grilled BBQ Chicken Legs, Grilled Corn, Marinated Tomato Salad

Use one of the bottles of BBQ sauce on your chicken legs.  Grill your corn as you usually do.  For the salad, dice up 2 Roma tomatoes, a whole cucumber, and part of the onion.  You will need onion for every meal, so I would suggest dicing it up and dividing by 5.   Top the tomatoes/cucumber/onion with Italian dressing and let marinate while you grill.

Tacos, Refried Beans, Peaches

We do have tacos a lot, but if the items are on sale, you might as well take advantage.  Plus, depending what else is on sale, you can add variety.  This week we are buying cilantro for another meal, so we will add them to our tacos!  Use the ground beef for the tacos, and prepare as you normally do.  Use 1/5 of the onion, one Roma tomato, and a bit of the lettuce, diced small.  Heat your beans in the microwave or in a skillet.  Serve the peaches whole or slice them as a healthy side.

Pasta, Salad, and Buttermilk Biscuits

Prepare your Jiffy Biscuits and throw them in the oven while you prepare the rest of your meal.  Pretty simple, noodles (Creamette), pasta sauce, and a side salad.  Use one tomato, diced carrots, 1/2 of a cucumber, half of a green pepper, and some of the onion.

Chicken Kebobs, Mac N Cheese, Strawberries

Dice your chicken into kebob-size pieces.  Marinate for a few hours (or overnight) in the Italian dressing.  Thread onto skewers with a whole green pepper and some of the onion.  Grill while your Mac n cheese is cooking. Serve with Mac n cheese and sliced strawberries.

Black Bean Soup, Salad

Black bean soup is very inexpensive to make, and also super tasty.  We will round it out with a huge leafy salad!!  Use this recipe here.  Just use 2 cans of beans, and two cans of salsa should be good.  For the salad, use the rest of the lettuce, one tomato, part of the onion, half of a green pepper, half a cucumber, and some diced carrots.  Enjoy!

After these meals you should have one BBQ sauce left over.  If you have leftover cilantro, use it for a meal the next week!  You will probably have some extra baby carrots to snack on!


Your grand total for ingredients should be $34.36

–Use $1/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s from SS 5/21

–Use $1/3 Old El Paso printable


–Use $1/1 Creamette printable

–Use two $1/1 Sunset pepper printables (my store almost always has this brand)

–Use $1/2 Bush’s Beans from SS 4/30 or SS 5/14

–Submit for $1/2 Bush’s Checkout51 rebate

–Submit for $0.20/1 Allrecipes pepper rebate

–Submit for $0.30/1 Allrecipes tomato rebate

Your grand total should be $26.86 after coupons and rebates!