Weekly Meals With The Meijer Ad #43

Weekly Meals With The Meijer Ad #43

 Sunday market October 8-14

Thursday market October 12-18

Do you have trouble planning your weekly menus?  Are you making what feels like the same meals every week?  Never fear!  We are here to help!  Each week (hopefully), we will have a great meal plan ready to go for you.

A few things to keep in mind:

Prices are based on the Sunday market sales ad

Meals are planned for a family of four- if your family is full of big eaters, you may need to buy extra

You can always adjust if you don’t like something we have planned

We are planning 5 dinners- for the last two days try using leftovers on one day, and maybe eating out on the last day.  Also, life happens, and you don’t always get to every meal.  Planning 5 meals works perfectly for my family.

Most likely, you will have some of these items in your stockpile already, so you will save even more!  This is a “from-scratch” list.

Your total for all 5 meals should be $25.67

Things you need to buy:

1 Aunt Millie’s Texas Toast $1.00

–Use $1/1 Aunt Millie’s printable (page 2)

1 Sargento Sliced Cheddar Cheese $2.84

1 lb grapes $0.98

1 big Vidalia onion approx. $0.99

Meijer Bread Crumbs 15 oz $1.49

2 big chicken breasts approx. $3.00 (sliced into strips)

1 packet Meijer Ranch Powder $1.09

1 bunch broccoli $0.99

1 box Rice A Roni $1.00 (any flavor)

2 Tai Pei Pepper Beef $2.00

–Use two $0.75/1 Tai Pei printables

1 zucchini approx. $0.74

1 bunch green onions $0.69

1 Stonefire Naan Bread $1.00

–Use $1/1 Stonefire printable or use $1/1 from RP 10/1

1 Butterball Turkey Bacon $1.69

— Use $0.55/1 Butterball printable

3 roma tomatoes $0.32 each

1 bag Lay’s Chips $2.00

–Submit for Fetch Rewards

2 apples approx. $0.67 ($0.69/lb)

1 Meijer Pasta $1.00

1 Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce $1.00

1 Dole Lettuce $1.00

1 Meijer Frozen Green Beans $1.00

1 cucumber $0.59

Things to have on hand:



baking powder

smoked paprika

3 eggs


pepper and salt

vegetable oil

soy sauce

sesame seeds (optional)

garlic powder

sesame oil

parmesan cheese

garlic (I use the stuff in the jar that’s chopped)

Italian seasoning


Texas Toast Grilled Cheese, Onion Rings, and Grapes

Make some grilled cheese sandwiches the way you usually do.  I like to cook mine on a George Foreman-type grill.  If you have leftover bread, save it for spaghetti night to make garlic bread.  Use this recipe to make the onion rings.  Serve with grapes.

Ranch Chicken Fingers, Broccoli, Rice A Roni

Use this recipe for the chicken fingers.  I hate broccoli, but it’s a good price this week for those who like it.  You could eat it raw with some ranch dressing, or steam it.  Serve with Rice A Roni.

Pepper Beef, Asian-Style Zucchini, and Scallion Pancakes

The scallion pancakes take a bit of time, but are really yummy.  If your kids don’t like green onions, make a few pancakes and omit them.  While your Tai Pei Pepper Beef is cooking, use this recipe to make asian-style zucchini.  If you don’t have sesame seeds on hand you can leave them out.

BLTs, Chips, and Apples

Easy dinner!  I like to bake my bacon, but you can cook it however you’d like.  Toast your naan bread, and spread one side with mayonnaise.  Use 1-2 of the tomatoes (sliced), lettuce, and bacon slices to make yummy BLTs.  Serve with chips and apple slices.  If you have honey on hand, dip the apples in that- yummy!

Spaghetti, Italian Green Beans, and Salad

Spaghetti is easy peasy, and we’re going meatless to save some money.  This dinner will be filling without meat.  While your noodles are cooking and your sauce is heating up, make the Italian green beans.  For the salad, use the rest of your lettuce, tomatoes, and as much of the cucumber as you want.  You can throw some green onions on if you have any left from the scallion pancakes.  If you have Texas Toast leftover from grilled cheese night, spread with butter and sprinkle with garlic powder, and heat in the oven for a few minutes.  Enjoy!

Your total for everything should be $29.72

–Use $1/1 Aunt Millie’s printable (page 2)

–Use two $0.75/1 Tai Pei printables

–Use $1/1 Stonefire printable or use $1/1 from RP 10/1

— Use $0.55/1 Butterball printable

Your total for everything should be $25.67